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 Pokemon Heartgold and soulsilver: The battle frontier-

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what is your favorite battle frontier area?
battle hall
 33% [ 1 ]
battle castle
 0% [ 0 ]
battle tower
 33% [ 1 ]
battle factory
 0% [ 0 ]
battle arcade
 0% [ 0 ]
i don't know...
 33% [ 1 ]
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PostSubject: Pokemon Heartgold and soulsilver: The battle frontier-   Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:59 am

to get to the battle frontier, you must first beat the elite four.
it is located north of route 40.
first,train your pokemon to a higher level than 40(in my suggestion)
you can't use a legendary like ho-oh in the frontier. it would be too easy that way. you also get points for winning.

after a while, you will be challenged by the boss.(they're tough!)

*tips for the battle hall* If you're planning to enter the battle hall, i suggest to get a pokemon that can do super-effective moves against a lot of other types.
some good pokemon would be

*Garchomp with a level of around 70-80
movepool - earthquake (for rock+steel types)
- crunch (ghost+psychic)
- dragon claw (dragon)
- dragon rush(dragon)
*Gyarados(good for surviving attacks)
movepool -crunch(ghost+psychic)
-hydro pump(ground+rock+fire)
-dragon rage(for weakening)
-any attack of your choice
Your pokemon get healed after every battle. which is very helpful.
the battle brain will have a pokemon the same level as you. Beware, some of her pokemon have splendit attack and speed!

*tips for the battle castle*
In the battle castle, you get points from battles for healing and renting items for your pokemon. you may also check your opponents pokemon using those points. You will start off with 10 points. after every battle, the "valet" gives you points depending on how well you did in the battle.
after a while, the valet challenges you to a battle. he's very tough! his counter moves can take you down one-hit KO!
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Pokemon Heartgold and soulsilver: The battle frontier-
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