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 The Beginning of the end.

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The Beginning of the end. Empty
PostSubject: The Beginning of the end.   The Beginning of the end. EmptySun Mar 14, 2010 6:08 pm

The Beginning of the end

He he. I have a little story! ^^ This is the first Chapter. TELL THE TRUTH. I want real comments so it'll help me later on!

Chapter 1
The Sun was setting on this happy little day for a new family. Gracie now a new mother had a little girl named Eve.

But they never Knew what she would become.

Many years later when Eve was 7 years old she was very shy and Scared of everything. Her Parents HATED it. They were and outgoing family. Eve was always Scolded because of her Shy-ness. Eve Wanted a better life.When she turned 13 she was different she was more angry never scared never shy. She stomped to get her own Pokemon. When she came to Dr. Elm's lab she got what she wanted a Pokemon.

A Pokemon that could teach her a lesson. Something to knock her into sense.

This Pokemon was a Nidoran.

Chapter 2
"What the **** is this?! This can't be a pokemon Its way to weak!" Eve fitted (Is that a real word?) "Be quiet Eve and be happy about it!" Everything started flying around the room People were in the air! Computer and wires everywhere! Elm Screamed "WHATS GOING ON!!! AHHH" Eve was going crazy mad. The nidoran hit Eve and Eve stopped. Everything was in order again.
"Eve...How?" "I dont know.." Eve was crying. Im.. So sorry.. She ran off.

Chapter 3

Honey? Eve? Please?

Go AWAY. Please?"

The Sun Set. They had no idea what was gonna happen later the next day.

Fire Electric and Ice. Were fighting once again. The young hero Ash (Yes the Same Dumb Ash) Had died. No person could stop them now. The world was slowly ending.

Articuno had already Almost died. No one knew. No one cared.


Mom I wouldnt Ill just destroy the house!

I dont care if you did, I just want to see you... Eve.

Eve Opened the door. Hey. BYE! Eve ran out of the house.

C'mon Nidoran LETS GOOO.

What happened to her? Gracie sighed.

Eve Had more mood swings by the moment. What was going On?

She ran all the way to Elix Forest. ah ha. ah. (Panting noise lol) No one is allowed to find me. Nidoran use cut! A passage Opened
Pant pant.. we should rest. (Thunder) Gah. A storm.. we must keep going.. THUMP Ohhh..

He he! A new friend the two Pokemon giggled.

Where am I? whoa.. Legendary.. Mew? Celebi?

Wha? How did I? Drip drop...

Rain Rain Go away so we can play! They frowned. Nidoran Ran into Eve. NIDOO...! Whats your problem?!

Chapter 5

Eve Asked Ummm Where did you get me?

You feel over a stump They said with a sing song voice.

Ah okay.. But.

He HE!

Ugh.. The rain cleared. Well I must get going..

No you dont! WE NEED YOU! YOUR OUR ONLY FRIEND. You will be our prisoner.

Ever Gasped. She though Peaceful pokemon go bad? What the? Something is going on!!

Sqwack.. Articuno has died.

Ho'oh Vs Lugia. World is going in ruin.

Chapter 6

Mew.. I dont want to upset you. But I have to go! You'll get hurt if you dont let me leave.

DONT LIE TO ME! I dont like liars..

Mew whats wrong?!

Mew showed Eve whats going on.

Eve Dashed off. with Nidoran.

Must get out of Elix forest. must!


Cough.. Horrible Fumes.

Gloom. Gloo.

A star appeared infront of Eve. Nidoran was ready for battle

Chapter 7

I see. You found out about the Catastrophe. I will tell you more.

It all started many months ago. A meteor fell infront of an evil pokemon, Well Former evil pokemon Mewtwo.

Gas came out of this meteor and made Mewtwo go mad. We do not know how this happened.

Hold Up. Who are you?

Ah yes I am The Legendary Jirachi.

WHA? How is this connected to me though?!

Who said that?

Well it just seems like it.

Just let me finish.

So Mewtwo Made the birds go mad. Now ruin is happening.

Wow.. So how is this connected to me?

Well your the choosen one. Has anything weird happened to you?


Chapter 8


I'm able to move things when I'm mad..

Hmm. Your just like Sabrina.

Sabrina? Yes.

I have a grandmother...

Sabrina Died 5 years ago.

My Nana died 5 years ago..

Hmm Seems correct. This may work!


Your gonna have to do something..


Go into the spirit world.


Your Nana Knows all about this stuff..


Chapter 9

Nidoran.. Ill be back She winked. Nidoran looked mad.

Ready Eve?



Nana Sabrina?

Eve? You finally found out eh? Sabrina Laughed.


So thats how and why Im Chosen one.

Because Ash Chose the Grandaughter of you eh?

Makes sense I guess.

I would go with you Eve but HAHAH. Im a old spirit.

And eve was transported.

Eve I made A descion. I will be helping you to save the world!


Traveling with you.. Jirachi Sighed at the Stupidity of Eve.

Chapter 10

Moltres Flew above..

Eve Was scared. her Body was shaking Jirachi? Stay quiet..

Moltres lit the forest on fire

The Stantler tried Keeping their forest alive

Jirachi Thought for a moment.. That may work?

I would Need Celebi...And get power from master Mew. I know Eve can do this.. I KNOW IT!

Eve? we must hurry back to mew.

Eh? Okay..

Lets go..

Chapter 11


Jirachi! Eve!

Psst.. Psst..

Aww. Im going to lose 2 play buddies?! Why should I help you Jirachi!?

You'll have even more "play buddies" if you do this


Celebi.. LEts do this.. HYA!

(Now For some PMD Epic ness xD)


Stupid Jirachi.. *Cough* Nidoran? Where am I?

From Up to there it will be a comic. Chapter 12.


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The Beginning of the end.
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